Budget Scotland!

View of Edinburgh while climbing Arthur's Seat

View of Edinburgh while climbing Arthur’s Seat

After I spent a week travelling and staying in downtown London I found my bank account had taken quite the hit! (The UK is expensive!) I knew I would need to wise up a little bit, ie spend less money, for my week in Scotland. I started my Scottish adventure in Edinburgh, the capital city, which is traditionally an expensive place but I tried really hard to have a fantastic time while spending as little money as possible. What follows is the some tips I discovered along the way to really enjoy Edinburgh without breaking the bank – and in case you didn’t know I absolutely loved Edinburgh, it was my favourite stop on my UK adventure.  Continue reading


Vegas for First Timers

IMG_2123I am by no means an expert about Las Vegas, I have only been to the strip once and did not have enough time to visit every attraction I was interested in. That being said, once I got my bearings and spent some time walking the strip, I easily became comfortable and felt as though I had figured Vegas out. Here is my very basic wisdom passed along to you as a first timer: Continue reading