About Me

A Few Things You Should Know…

Before you start to explore my site there are a few things you should know about me. I believe in telling the truth and giving full disclosure so you, as my reader, can be fully informed about what you are getting in too. As the title of my blog states: I am an ordinary girl and I do have a strong sense of wanderlust… and now 4 random facts about me:

  1. I LOVE food but I am a very picky eater–  I feel this is important to mention because as a travel blog you might expect or hope to see me eating all sorts of exotic food – I will not…. well maybe… but no guarantees! I do guarantee that I will write about the amazing food I do eat in different locations and will give all you other picky eaters tips on how to survive the unfamiliar food locales.
  2. I am in no way a skilled photographer or a well articulated writer – In fact, I am neither of those things. I love to take photographs and I try hard to get good shots but I am not great at it! As for writing, I am a terrible speller and an unclear writer… but I’ll try really hard just for you!
  3. I have a secret love of terrible tourist photo ops – I love the ‘forever alone’ shots of independent travelers with a big head in the foreground and a tiny attraction behind. They make me laugh, and they make me real, I hope you will also embrace your odd ball photos and love them for what they are!
  4. As much as I love to travel, I also love coming home – especially to my bed, there is nothing like your own, am I right? I could tell you that I am going to quit my job and spend my life travelling the world – which would be awesome – but also a lie. In reality, I love my job (I’m a teacher) and my life at home and therefore my wanderlust will always be limited by both of those things.

Ok, full disclosure – are you wondering why you should bother reading my blog after learning all of that?? Well ask yourself, are you an ordinary person in search of a random adventure? Do you also have a strong sense of wanderlust? If so then I will do my best to provide you with some information and tips to help you make the most of your travelling. I will share my experiences – the good and the bad – so you can avoid my mistakes and learn from my success. And if nothing else we can bond over our love for the big headed tourist shots – I know you have some, it’s ok, we all do!!

– Kiera