Seeking Out the Hairy Coos


When my train rolled into Waverely Station in Edinburgh I realized that I had done so much research about London before my trip that I completely forgot to research anything about Edinburgh. So much so, that I had to stop in the train station, sit on top of my luggage and look up the directions to the place I was staying. After I reached my accommodations I was really eager to get out and explore so off I went. While I was walking around that first day I saw a sign for a free tour of the Scottish Highlands. This peaked my interest so I did a little bit of research on tripadvisor, the tour had great reviews so I decided to reserve a seat on the Hairy Coo.

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That’s A Wrap…. NYC Movie Sets

There are so many fantastic movie set locations in New York City. I always get so excited when I am watching a movie or TV show and its set somewhere I have been! It makes me so happy and I always feel the need to yell out “I’ve been there” to myself or whoever is watching with me. Here are some of my favourites… Continue reading