Interesting Scottish Facts

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Scotland is such a fantastic country! While travelling around Edinburgh and the Highlands I met some really amazing people and learnt some really cool facts. Here are 6 facts I discovered on my trip that I thought were particularly fascinating.

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Trying Haggis!!


Al, my new Scottish friend described Haggis like this, “You know at the beginning of the week when you do your groceries and you take them home, you always eat the best stuff first right? Then at the end of the week you go and look in the pantry and there’s nothing good left – that’s Haggis.” So there you have it, a true Highlanders description of Scotland’s National Dish.

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London’s Seedy East End


In the past the East End of London was home to poor immigrants, criminals and the disease-ridden, which is the reason for the area’s seedy past. As the city of London expanded it experienced massive over-crowding which caused many immigrants to look for residence outside of the city. Throughout the 19th century the East End was home to these various groups of people who came into and transformed the area into what it is today. Each group has left their own marks on London’s East End which is why it is such an incredibly interesting place to visit and explore.

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Much Ado About Shakespeare

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England loves Shakespeare, and why not? He was a genius playwright who made drama accessible to the common folks, although his work seems elitist nowadays. There are tons of attractions across England dedicated to the Bard, there is even a walking tour in London focusing on his life and times in the area. Being a fan of the playwright I knew I wanted to explore some of the important Shakespearean icons in England – Stratford Upon Avon and the Globe Theatre.

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