Hamilton Waterfalls

Waterfall Hunters

My Sister-in-law has introduced me to a new obsession – waterfall hunting!
My new goal is to hunt down and hike all the accessible waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario. Did you know there are over 100 of them?! So exciting!!

I borrowed this list from the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s website and after weeding out the waterfalls that are inaccessible because they are privately owned, or dangerous to reach I am left with 74 waterfalls to hunt down.  Follow along as I cross off my list and track down the best waterfalls in the area! #ExploreOntario

  1. Albion Falls  June 16/16
  2. Ancaster Heights Falls
  3. Auchmar Falls
  4. Baby Albion Falls
  5. Baby Webster’s Falls
  6. Beckett Falls
  7. Billy Green Falls
  8. Billy Monkley Cascade
  9. Borer’s Falls
  10. Broman Falls
  11. Buttermilk Falls June 16/16
  12. Canterbury Falls
  13. Centennial Falls
  14. Chedoke Falls
  15. Cliffview Falls
  16. Darnley Cascade
  17. Devil’s Punchbowl Falls
  18. Dewitt Falls
  19. Dundas Falls
  20. Dyment Falls
  21. East Greensville Falls
  22. East Iroquoia Falls
  23. East of Fifty Falls
  24. Felker’s Falls
  25. Fifty Rd. Cascade
  26. Grand Cascade
  27. Great Falls
  28. Grindstone Cascade
  29. Harvey Falls
  30. Heritage Falls
  31. Heritage Green Falls
  32. Hermitage Cascade
  33. Jones Rd. Falls
  34. Lewis Rd. East Falls
  35. Lewis Rd. West Falls
  36. Little Canterbury Falls
  37. Little Davis Falls
  38. Little Falls
  39. Lower Chedoke Falls
  40. Lower Cliffview Falls
  41. Lower Hopkins Cascade
  42. Lower Little Falls
  43. Lower Mill Falls
  44. Lower Princess Falls
  45. Lower Punchbowl Falls
  46. Lower Sanatorium Cascade
  47. Lower Sydenham Falls
  48. Lower Westcliffe Falls
  49. Middle Glendale Falls
  50. Mill Falls
  51. Mountain Spring Falls
  52. Mountview Falls
  53. Patterson East Cascade
  54. Patterson West Cascade
  55. Princess Falls
  56. Pritchard Falls
  57. Progreston Falls
  58. Promontory Falls
  59. Puddicombe Falls
  60. Rock Chapel Falls
  61. Scenic Falls
  62. Sherman Falls June 6/16
  63. Sugar Shack Falls
  64. Tew Falls
  65. Tiffany Falls  June 6/16
  66. Upper Glendale Falls
  67. Upper Quarry Cascade
  68. Upper Sanatorium Falls
  69. Valley Falls
  70. Veevers Falls
  71. Webster Falls
  72. West Iroquoia Falls
  73. West of Fifty Upper Cascade
  74. Westcliffe Falls



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