NYC When it’s Cold!

New York City always seems to call me back to it every couple of years and I just can’t get enough. The buildings, the people and of course the theatre! There is nothing like it!


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That’s A Wrap…. NYC Movie Sets

There are so many fantastic movie set locations in New York City. I always get so excited when I am watching a movie or TV show and its set somewhere I have been! It makes me so happy and I always feel the need to yell out “I’ve been there” to myself or whoever is watching with me. Here are some of my favourites… Continue reading

My Top Three Favourite New York Buildings

New York City has some of the most iconic buildings in North America. I love the way I feel when I see these buildings! I can’t describe the feeling well, but it’s a feeling of magic that begins in my lower stomach and seeps up through my upper body filling my lungs, my head, my face with pure love and inspiration. I feel like anything and everything is possible when looking at these buildings especially in the night sky. I just love it – I hope you too get the amazing feeling when you are lost in the city lights of Manhattan. Here are my top 3 favourite buildings, in no particular order.  Continue reading