NYC When it’s Cold!

New York City always seems to call me back to it every couple of years and I just can’t get enough. The buildings, the people and of course the theatre! There is nothing like it!


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A Delightful Trek Through Pike Place Market


If you have learned anything about my travel style through this blog, it’s probably that I love food tours! I try to take one on every trip I go on, and they never disappoint me. I recommend them over and over again to all my family and friends and they are almost always my favorite activity while travelling. I think you can probably guess which direction this post is heading…

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Happy Holidays!


Thank you to all those that have followed me on my travels this year! I am so very blessed to have wonderful family and friends to celebrate Christmas with, and to be able to travel when I can.

I wish the very best to you and yours this holiday season and may your New Year be filled with adventure and wonder!

Merry Christmas,

— Kiera

The Magical Isle of Skye – Photo Essay

Neist Point

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been is the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful island while I was in the UK and I was absolutely captivated! The scenery is so dramatic that the pictures can not do it justice. But to give you a small taste of the wonders to be seen in Skye, here are some of my favourite shots from my island tour. The Isle of Skye is nicknamed the ‘misty isle’  and it certainly lived up to it’s name, but I think it adds to the magic of this place. What do you think?

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Budget Scotland!

View of Edinburgh while climbing Arthur's Seat

View of Edinburgh while climbing Arthur’s Seat

After I spent a week travelling and staying in downtown London I found my bank account had taken quite the hit! (The UK is expensive!) I knew I would need to wise up a little bit, ie spend less money, for my week in Scotland. I started my Scottish adventure in Edinburgh, the capital city, which is traditionally an expensive place but I tried really hard to have a fantastic time while spending as little money as possible. What follows is the some tips I discovered along the way to really enjoy Edinburgh without breaking the bank – and in case you didn’t know I absolutely loved Edinburgh, it was my favourite stop on my UK adventure.  Continue reading

Seeking Out the Hairy Coos


When my train rolled into Waverely Station in Edinburgh I realized that I had done so much research about London before my trip that I completely forgot to research anything about Edinburgh. So much so, that I had to stop in the train station, sit on top of my luggage and look up the directions to the place I was staying. After I reached my accommodations I was really eager to get out and explore so off I went. While I was walking around that first day I saw a sign for a free tour of the Scottish Highlands. This peaked my interest so I did a little bit of research on tripadvisor, the tour had great reviews so I decided to reserve a seat on the Hairy Coo.

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