NYC When it’s Cold!

New York City always seems to call me back to it every couple of years and I just can’t get enough. The buildings, the people and of course the theatre! There is nothing like it!


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A Guide to Salem, MA


Salem, Massachusetts is widely recognized by North Americans because of the role it played in the infamous witch trials of 1692. I, like many, had always wanted to visit and explore the town because of that reason – but there is more to Salem then you think! The small New England town was also a very important Seaport back in the day and features a lot of maritime history. Continue reading

Much Ado About Shakespeare

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England loves Shakespeare, and why not? He was a genius playwright who made drama accessible to the common folks, although his work seems elitist nowadays. There are tons of attractions across England dedicated to the Bard, there is even a walking tour in London focusing on his life and times in the area. Being a fan of the playwright I knew I wanted to explore some of the important Shakespearean icons in England – Stratford Upon Avon and the Globe Theatre.

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