Happy Birthday Canada!


This beautiful land of ours is turning 150 today!! I am a very proud Canadian, I love everything about my country and can’t wait to continue exploring it. 

I thought because it’s Canada’s birthday, (a big birthday too!) I would give a huge nod to my amazing country with some pictures of my favorite places. So here it is, in no particular order, the best parts of Canada – all in one place!

10 Amazing Canadian Places

1. Vulcan, Alberta

This quirky little town in devoted to Star Trek! Although I am not a Star Trek fan the museum (Trekcetera) is incredibly interesting and the curator is so enthusiastic that I became a fan for the day. 

2. Snug Harbour, Ontario


3. Parry Sound, Ontario


Snug Harbour, Parry Sound or really anywhere in the cottage country area of Georgian Bay! This is an amazing place to camp or cottage throughout the summer months, but even more beautiful in the fall when all the leaves are changing colours. 

4. Jasper National Park, Alberta 


5. Niagara Falls, Ontario

This is such a romantic place! I have spent many anniversaries here walking down Clifton Hill to the Falls and enjoying the wines of Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

6. Granville Island, British Columbia 


7. Ottawa, Ontario


Parliament Hill is beautiful!! If you have never been to Ottawa you should. There is amazing food, beautiful buildings and of course, friendly people. It’s a great place to head for a weekend getaway. And while you’re there you should definitely check out the old jail house you can sleep in!! 

8. The Christmas Panorama, Norfolk County, Ontario


My own home town has a wonderful Christmas tradition. The entire Duck Park is dressed up with lights and Christmas displays. It’s magical.

9. The Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

10. Peyto Lake, Alberta


The entire Ice Fields Parkway is amazing but one of the best spots is Peyto Lake. The colour of the lake is fantastic, pictures do not do it justice. 

I hope these pictures inspire you to get out and explore Canada and all it’s wonders. Next on my list is Quebec, but I won’t stop until I see it all! Happy Birthday Canada!


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