A Delightful Trek Through Pike Place Market


If you have learned anything about my travel style through this blog, it’s probably that I love food tours! I try to take one on every trip I go on, and they never disappoint me. I recommend them over and over again to all my family and friends and they are almost always my favorite activity while travelling. I think you can probably guess which direction this post is heading…

While in Seattle I had the chance to take part in Savor Seattle’s Early Access Pike Place Market Food Tour. The tour begins at the infamous Seattle Gum Wall. According to our tour guide this “attraction” has been cleaned up by the city on a number of occasions but it is always reestablished very quickly by the locals. Yes, it’s gross… but it’s also kind of quirky and cool – it’s original if nothing else. If you’re ever in Seattle I dare you to check it out – you know you’re curious!


Pike Place Market is one of the oldest continuously operated public markets in the United States and is the most popular tourist attraction in Seattle.  The market is famous for it’s buskers, fantastic food and craft vendors as well as the original Starbucks. Savor Seattle designed a very enjoyable tour that had the perfect balance of walking, eating and learning!

The tour included numerous samples and tastes from various market vendors including Country Dough, Shug’s Ice Cream and Soda Fountain, Honest Biscuit, Frank’s Produce and Marketspice. Our absolute favourite was the Creamy Mac and Cheese from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – this is by far the most decadent and delicious Mac and Cheese I have ever had in my life!


There was the perfect amount of food on this tour, I am usually very full after food tours (especially the one in Boston) but I was pleasantly satisfied after this one. I think this tour had smaller samples which allowed for more tastings… although I could have had seconds and thirds of the Mac and Cheese.

Flying Fish
The fish market is the most enjoyable part of the tour, and for someone (me) who doesn’t enjoy seafood, that is saying a lot! The vendors (or entertainers) at Pike Place Fish threw a couple fish around for our tour group and it was awesome to watch! Once the market gets busy I can imagine it is quite the sight to see.

Original Starbucks
Although this is not the original location (according to our tour guide), it is considered the original Starbucks Store. The cafe has kept it’s original appearance to meet with historical guidelines for the Pike Place Market. The crowds outside this Starbucks were huge, which made us laugh because Starbucks is literally all over Seattle, basically every street corner has one!

Avoiding Crowds
The very best thing about this tour is that it begins before the market is open to the public. We chose the earliest time slot (8:30am) to avoid the crowds. This allowed us to enjoy our tastings as well as walk through the vendor’s stalls without bumping into anyone. We ventured back through one part of the market around 1pm the same day and it was elbow to elbow crowded – on a Wednesday! The summer is the busiest time for Seattle tourism so if you are not a morning person, be prepared for large crowds within the market  – especially on weekends.

The Facts – Savor Seattle: VIP Early Access, Pike Place Market Tour
Pike Place Market 
Website: https://www.savorseattletours.com
$51.99 American (approx. $68 CA)
Time: 2 hours
Worth It? Absolutely!! Having early access to the Pike Place Market made for a very enjoyable morning. The food and information was also great, and our tour guide was fantastic. In my opinion, this is the best and only way to visit (and enjoy) the market.

Thanks for sharing my adventures with me!

— Kiera


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