Vancouver to Seattle and Back again in 36 hours


Ironically enough, after a vacation filled with rainy weather, the sun was shining bright when we rolled into the beautiful city of Seattle. What follows is a brief itinerary of our trip to help you with the planning of yours. 

Day 1: 5:30 AM –  My (amazing!) aunt drove us to the train station bright and early in the morning so we could get through customs and board our Amtrak train to Seattle. We had little else with us besides a rain jacket (It’s Seattle, you never know!) and a toothbrush. The ride down was very peaceful, I slept most of the way, and when I was awake I took in the Coastal views.

11:00 AM – Arrival in Seattle!
We were in desperate need of some caffeine for our busy day ahead, lucky for us we had just pulled into coffee city. Almost immediately off the train we were greeted with our first (of many) Starbucks.

Since we couldn’t check into our hotel until later in the afternoon, we decided to tackle the city on foot and see what caught our eye. We took our time and walked all along the waterfront, strolled through the Olympic Sculpture Park and enjoyed the views of the iconic Space Needle.


12:00 PM – Seattle Aquarium
As we walked along the waterfront we saw the sign for the Seattle Aquarium and decided to take a chance on it. We were asked if we wanted to buy the Seattle City Pass, which includes admission to various attractions at a discounted price, we figured we would do a couple of the activities so it was worth the money.
The Aquarium is very cute, I wouldn’t say its the best Aquarium I’ve ever been to, but I really enjoyed watching the Sea Otters splash and play.


3:00 PM – Arrival at the Mediterranean Inn.
I can not stress how much I loved this hotel!! It is located in the Queen Anne neighbourhood and is a quick 5 min. walk into the downtown core. It’s also 10 mins away from Kerry Park and it has an amazing rooftop patio! We were very comfortable there.


5:00 – EMP Museum 
After a quick nap we were ready to hit up the Experience Music Project Museum. This really is a cool place. We spent our time playing video games, learning about the birth of Grunge Music, travelling through space and exploring movie props from fairy tales to horror movies. There is something for everyone in this building.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

7:30 – Supper time at Dick’s Drive-Inn
Right across from our hotel was a fantastic burger place. The menu is simple and it’s cash only. We had burgers, fries and milkshakes. The food was so good we went back for round two after we climbed up the hill to Kerry Park.

8:30 PM – The Postcard View
One of the things I knew I had to do in Seattle was watch the sunset in Kerry Park. We had to climb a steep hill from the diner to the park but it was worth it, the view is incredible – Although I have to say I think the one from our hotel was better! The park was quite busy when we arrived so we didn’t stay long but I am glad we checked it out.


Day Two: 8:30 AM – Savor Seattle Food Tour
My absolute favourite activity we did in Seattle! We spent 2 hours exploring the Pike Place Market and tasting the most amazing food. I highly recommend this tour, although I almost always love food tours. (Read about my experience on this tour here)

11:00 AM – Chihuly Garden and Glasshouse
We had hoped to go up the Space Needle after our Food Tour, but the line was very long and they were already booking into the afternoon so unfortunately we were not able to go. Lesson Learned! – If you want to go up the Space Needle, stop by first thing in the morning and get a flight time before the lines get to long.
We ended up visiting the Chihuly Garden and Glasshouse, which is right beside the Space Needle, instead. The glass sculptures are neat to look at but I wouldn’t have gone in had it not been included with our City Pass.


1:00 PM Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour
The Harbor Cruise was a nice bonus that we hadn’t planned on from our City Pass. It was a great day to be out on the Ocean and the views of the skyline are fantastic. The tour was about a 1/2 hour which was the perfect amount of time.


2:00 PM Lunch and Drinks with a view
We had a little bit of time to kill before we headed to the bus station so we had a long leisurely lunch outside on the deck of Red Robin, sitting right on the water.

4:30 PM Arrive at Train Station
We ended our day back at the Train Station ready to head back to Vancouver. All of that in 36 short hours!! I feel we did the city justice but of course, I would love to return and explore more!

Wisdom to Pass On 
– Seattle is a great city for walking, but it’s hilly, so bring some comfy shoes.
– If you are going to buy the City Pass, make sure you have the time to make use of all the attractions. Remember to plan for the Space Needle.
– Don’t lean against the wall of gum!

Thanks for sharing my adventure with me!!
– Kiera


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