Foodie Adventures in Ottawa’s Byward Market

20150316_152633 My first afternoon in Ottawa I spent exploring the Byward Market area and along the way I discovered some fantastic and absolutely drool-worthy eats! My first stop was of course, the BeaverTail stand. I knew I couldn’t come to Ottawa and not enjoy a delicious deep-fried pastry smothered in cinnamon sugar. There are a number of various toppings you can choose to have put on your pastry including nutella, peanut butter, bananas etc. but personally, I love the classic.  20150316_150654 20150316_151005 My Next stop was Moulin de Provence. I visited the bakery in search of the Obama Cookies. In 2009 President Obama visited Ottawa and stopped in at Moulin de Provence for a cookie. After eating his cookie he exclaimed “I love this Country” and since then the bakery has been selling the Obama Cookie – and it is delicious. 20150316_153036 Lastly to round out my afternoon of delicious, unhealthy goodness I ate a poutine from 3 Brothers Shawarma and Poutine. I thought the pairing of Shawarmas and Poutines was kind of funny and it was a great poutine. 20150316_144520

Thanks for sharing my Byward Market adventure with me!

– Kiera


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