March Break in Canada


March Break is coming up really quickly and I have been itching to head somewhere during my time off. It has been so disgustingly cold here over the past couple of weeks that I have been dreaming of warm, exotic places – but it seems as though a trip to the Caribbean is not in the cards this time. My mother was talking about a Mission Trip to Mexico, but I am having a busy semester teaching so I thought a shorter trip might allow me some down time at home as well. I had been toying with the idea of going to Washington D.C. again, but I thought I might save that for the warmer weather. I was also debating going to San Francisco or taking another trip to Las Vegas, but decided it was a little too expensive for a short trip. I am trying to save money for a bigger trip this summer – more about that when plans have been settled!!  I was beginning to think I might be stuck at home all week, but then the perfect destination dawned on me. I am going to take a short trip to our nations capital – Ottawa!! I haven’t been to Ottawa since I was a kid, so it will be great to head back now as an adult. I am hoping to stay at a really cool downtown hostel and take in all the tourist sites on Parliament Hill. I am also hoping to stop by the Rideau Canal for some skating and beaver tail eating. So finally I have chosen a destination, now I just have to do a bit of planning! Looking forward to Sharing my Adventures with you!! – Kiera


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